Liscannor to hags head

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emma g
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Liscannor to hags head

Post by emma g »

Hi all
thanks to the other westies who came to hags head with me yesterday. Emma H, Andrew H, Dave G and Chris. we had a really calm evening for the trip, heading off at about 7.30. we were only ten meters off shore when Emma H decided the waves all foot high of them were surfable and she headded off towards shore again. the tide was out so we couldn't go through the cave and out the other side but we did go in and have a look around with a head torch. this cave (the first cave) was fine the rest were a bit smelly and the last one on the liscannor side was so smelly we couldn't actually go into it, Dave tried and nearly passed out from the smell. I think the cormorants must have had a bout of stomach problems recently. there were big breaking waves on the reefs off hags head so we had to stay out quite a bit to round them safely, but the sea conditions were perfect. we went through two of the arches on hags head, avoiding little white missiles form the Guillemots. and then turned our backs to the stunning sun set and headed back for home. Chris had told his kids they would have a barbeque when he got back, i'm not sure they thought it would be dark by the time he returned. we were greeted by hungry kids who had resorted to fishing to provide for themselves.
thanks to everyone on the trip, see you all again soon.
emma g

Emma Number 2
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Re: Liscannor to hags head

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One of those really lovely evenings, with the setting sun reflected on the sea and in the windows of the houses as we kayaked home, nice. Good company also, nice. Thanks to all who were there. Emma H

dave gorman
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Re: Liscannor to hags head

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A belated thank you to Emma, Emma, Andrew and Chris for Tuesday night's trip to Hags Head. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice relaxing paddle, perfect sea conditions and as Emma said, very pleasant company. Thanks to Emma G for the rescue practice. Looking forward to an improvement in the weather so we can all get out on the water again. Best regards to all Dave Gorman :P

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