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Inis Oir wed 26th

Posted: 23 Jun 2013, 22:41
by sueH
Hi there,
Weather permitting, myself and Marion Ryan are planning to paddle from Doolin to Inis Oir and back on Wed 26th. We hope to circumnav as well.
Because we have to be back in Dublin on wednesday night we are having an early start (9am). If you would like to join us please contact me on 087 353 2970.
Any advice from those who have paddled this would be really appreciated.
Thank You.
Sue Honan

Re: Inis Oir wed 26th

Posted: 23 Jun 2013, 23:18
by conor
Feck, can't make it and a lovely trip.

If you are to circumnavigate, clockwise is by far the preferred option. Aim for the lighthouse but once out the back of the island, give it plenty of room and especially at the SW tip. You can almost always be guaranteed larger waves every now and again and even when everything seems relatively flat. Between Inis Oirr and Inis Meain, stay up the centre for at least the first half of the leg. Don't get out at the small pier at the NW corner, there is nothing there and it is only another 10 minutes to the main beach.

All the way around to the main beach is 2 to 2.5hrs. Unless you want to do this without any landing beforehand, if seas are calm, you might be able to get out to stretch your legs to the right of the lighthouse.

In front of the village, land at the slip/beach to the left of the main pier. Lunch at Tig Ned's, which is 200m right of the main pier - fresh crab salad, a bowl of chips and a pint of guinness mmmmm. This is the best place for lunch. If you have plenty of energy, take a walk to the castle on the top of the island for a great view.

On the return leg and as you come back around to face Doolin, aim for the tall mast/aerial on the hill. On this section, there should be plenty of ferry traffic so keep together and keep looking over your left shoulder.

If you are down Tuesday evening, do yourself a big favor, bring your tent and head over for the night. There is a camp site at the beach and you get a real feel for the island by staying over. Particularly if the weather is good, a beautiful place to be and especially after the boats have stopped and everything slows down. Nothing to do, nowhere to go except to sit back, relax and have a pint. Coming all the way from Dublin - turn a great trip into a fantastic trip!

If you take the overnight option, the following morning, take a run across to Inis Meain and visit the forts on the top of the island. The pier is directly across and only 30mins across.

Whatever option you take - enjoy.

Re: Inis Oir wed 26th

Posted: 24 Jun 2013, 00:02
by sueH
Conor, thanks so much for that wealth of information.
Might just stay over on Tuesday night if we get down early enough.

Re: Inis Oir wed 26th

Posted: 24 Jun 2013, 12:36
by banner
Tuesday evening over sounds good. I'd probably crash in the hostel. It's 100 m from the pier.
The sea is amazingly calm this am after huge swells yesterday.


Re: Inis Oir wed 26th

Posted: 25 Jun 2013, 13:22
by sueH
Thanks Matt.