Hopper's way.

When and where we get together on the water
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Re: Hopper's way.

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Hi folks,
I'd like to have as exact details of numbers of paddlers as possible. It's getting closer to the day.
If the weather permits it would be great to see as many kayaks as possible on the water. We used to paddle this in GP kayaks. If time & conditions permit there could be two flotillas; sea kayaks & GP boats. Not playboats unless you plan on leaving the previous week!
Dave Gorman to lead the sea kayak group,
Myself to lead the others.

If conditions do not permit; please understand if numbers are restricted to those with relevant experience/equipment.
While there should be plenty of boats in the water on the day I would not like to see anyone get into trouble.

Matt (Banner) Corbett

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Re: Hopper's way.

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Hi Matt,
count me and the Brother in the sea kayak group, although we might "migrate" to the the GP group as we head West!


dave gorman
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Re: Hopper's way.

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We wont be in any rush, Art, A good natured tribute paddle for Hopper and others who have been lost to suicide, and of course for those that cared for them.

Look forward to paddling with you again and to meeting brother.
Cheers for now,
Dave :)

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Re: Hopper's way.

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Still hoping to go aswell.

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Re: Hopper's way.

Post by conor »

No can do unfortunately. Enjoy and sorry to be missing it.

richie sunderland
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Re: Hopper's way.

Post by richie sunderland »

see you there

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Brian McMahon
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Re: Hopper's way.

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Conor's not going ????? Yessssssssssss !!!

Count me in so ! :lol:

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Re: Hopper's way.

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Hi there,
I am definitely up for this.. ( unless its anything over a force 4.! which means mac is out too :lol: )

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Re: Hopper's way.

Post by brianblake »

You can count me in :D

Also if anyone wants to go west on Saturday night, we have a field available in Kilbaha to camp in.

Let me know and I'll give directions.

It's about 2 km from the pub !! :P
Brian B

dave gorman
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Re: Hopper's way.

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Hi folks, if anyone has a way and the time to spread the word for Hopper's Way, through word of mouth or other forums, clubs etc throughout the country, I would be very grateful. This could evolve into a huge annual gathering of all sorts of outdoor people for a very noble cause. I think most of us have probably known at least one person who was lost to suicide.
(Facebook Hopper's Way)
Thanks in advance folks, Dave G: 0851422073

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