West of Ireland Sea Kayaking Association

We are random groups of paddlers and friends, spread throughout the west of Ireland and many other locations around coast.  Trips are arranged by existing members and newcomers are always welcome.   

We are not a club and anyone joining us will need their own gear, should have basic competency and have an awareness of the risks involved.  While we will help and support one another, anyone joining our paddles must accept absolute responsibility for their actions and be aware that we do not hold any insurance.  

Some might like an adrenalin rush from a hard fast paddle in rougher conditions, with many others preferring the more sedate option on a calm sea in a sheltered bay.  Follow the Paddle Forum to see what is happening or perhaps post your own preferences and extend an invitation to others.

Anyone is welcome to register on the Paddle Forum.  There are no costs and no membership fees, although small contributions have been made randomly towards domain registration, web hosting and site maintenance.  

If you have questions or require further information, send us an email .  Alternatively, register on the Paddle Forum, post a  message and someone will respond.

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